Tenghui siding has the characteristic of excellent heat preservation and thermal insulation, it is designed to reduce buildings’ energy costs year-round. Being compared with the traditional external wall building materials, it has the excellent cold-resistant thermal insulation property. It has greatly reduced the heating and cooling energy consumption. Tenghui Siding has high performance cost ratio, revealing absolute advantages in the external wall building materials.

Tenghui Siding is light in weight and small in size, the weight per square meter is only 3.6kg. It saves time and effort when carrying out transportation and installation. The installation method is simple and fast, and not limited by seasonal climate and geographic environment, suitable for the whole year. The obvious shortened engineering cycle has not only expedited the progress of works, but also saved the construction cost, reduced the comprehensive cost.  Tenghui Siding has reached the effect of decoration, heat preservation and thermal insulation, in the meanwhile, it has reduced the burden of the external wall to the maximum degree, thus enhances the exploitability of the space and land.

Tenghui siding core material has gone through special treatment, with good fire prevention and flame retardant property, keeps buildings safe.

Tenghui sidings are light in weight with high intensity and good impact resistance. Its strongpoint of light weight has not only reduced the burden of the construction itself, but also greatly reduced the impact on the construction by earthquake. The sidings are installed on the construction of light steel structure, with strong integrity, anti-seismic and anti-cracking, safe and strong.

For the traditional exterior wall decoration materials, the problems are prevalent that due to the substrate degradation caused by water and cold penetration, thus indoor wall seepage etc. is generated. While the excellent structure of Tenghui siding itself and compact bump splicing groove catching type installation method between the plates, have avoided the structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet cycles, after the installation, it has eliminated the wall seepage worries, which has effectively avoided the phenomenon of indoor wall surface mould. Even in the cold regions, Tenghui siding with stable property has no worries about seepage and deformation, extending the service life of the construction.

The core material of Tenghui Siding is the thermal insulation layer composed of high density PU foam, its internal is the independent closed bubble structure, has good sound insulation effect.  It is suitable for the apartment, hospital, school etc. of constructions nearby the noise area, which can effectively prevent the outdoor noise from entering indoor, keeping the indoor environment quiet and comfortable.

Tenghui Siding has stable chemical and physical structure, it shall not decompose and get mould, without radiation, pollution, and it is environment friendly. The siding can also be reinstalled onto the other constructions in the same manner after being disassembled easily, the residual scraps of the construction can also be recycled for reuse, in the construction process, it can greatly reduce the construction rubbish, and is an environment friendly product of high quality and high property. Tenghui Siding can be easily cleaned, durable and with long service life.

In order to provide a larger option space for the clients, Tenghui introduces the combination of hundreds of embossment patterns and colors, rendering a larger exertion space for the construction design. The luxurious and beautiful decoration effect highlights the grade and taste of the construction. The simple, flexible assembly and disassembly methods make the replacement of the wall design collocation with great ease. Furthermore, the color can be customized based on the requirement of the special clients*